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Behind The Bricks of The Lego Movie!

With the worldwide release date set around the 7th of February (poor Australians, they have to wait until April to watch it), Warner Bros has recently released a special featurette for their latest animated outing that I am fortunate to be part of. Please click on the embedded video below to watch “Behind The Bricks”, an especially unique and hilarious behind the scenes interaction with the animated cast and crew of the project instead of their real life representatives. Word of warning, if you are expecting proper in-depth documentary about the making of the movie or even a Visual Effects breakdown, turn away or you’ll be disappointed!

Please enjoy!


UPDATE: For those of you still adamant about watching a proper behind the scenes video from this movie, you are in luck! Below is the video to satisfy your nerdy cravings!

Making of The Lego Movie by CGMeetup