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Happy New Year 2014 (and some updates)!

What an interesting year 2013 had been!

I have finished up my work on The Great Gatsby in February and The Lego Movie in October at Animal Logic, Sydney. My contract with them ended in October and I have returned home to Malaysia to spend the year end break, Christmas and New Year with my family.

Some good things to say about my Australian experience thus far (dating back to 2012 when I first went to Sydney):

  • Picked up watercolours again after not touching them for about 12 years (since high school). In college, I used Designer Gouache so that doesn’t count :-P. I traveled around Australia (mostly in Sydney and Brisbane) to do some plein air (outdoor) painting, solo and with friends. Needless to say, I found a new hobby! You can view my Plein Air paintings here.
  • Started on my personal Sketchbook project called “Mers” for future publishing. “Mers” are human and marine creature hybrid, much like the fabled Mermaid. But instead of the usual cliche: human torso with tail of a fish, I wanted to explore all the endless and imaginative design possibilities incorporating every marine life that exist. Please check them out at my Concept Portfolio page or at my Behance page instead.
  • And of course, I made many new friends over the course of my nearly two years in Australia (and to a small extent, New Zealand as well). To them I say, it was a great pleasure to know you and hope we will cross path again.

So 2014 is now here. Happy New Year!!! Here’s to a really productive year ahead for all of us.