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Latest and Greatest trailer for The Lego Movie!

I am happy and proud to present to you the second official trailer of our latest work on The Lego Movie at Animal Logic, Sydney.

As a big fan of Phil Lord and Chris Miller’s previous animated feature hit Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs , I am secretly honored to have become part of their next animated feature project. I am hoping that this movie will really resonate with people of all ages, the kids and the young-at-heart.

I only had one Lego playset when I was much younger, these things are expensive! However, I also had another Lego kit with various, but sadly limited, bricks with which I had so much fun building all kinds of things for hours and hours on end. Then only a few years ago, someone commissioned me to create a tattoo design incorporating a Koi fish and Lego bricks together. I had to download the Lego Digital Designer software (its free, you can download and try it out) to research on the many forms and shapes of Lego bricks and studied many Lego creations on the internet to come up with the designs for my client. Little did I know that I have been preparing myself for this very project; ‘building’ massive environments with digital Lego bricks!

Please don’t let me keep you from checking out the embedded trailer below. Please enjoy! 🙂