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Oceanian Early Winter Update

Summer and Autumn flashed by so quickly when I was so busy wrapping up the movie projects only to look up and realised that Winter has arrived! I’ve already wrapped up the War For The Planet of the Apes  project and have started on a new highly confidential project (or two) at Weta Digital. I can’t say what they are for now, my apologies, except to say that they look very exciting to work on indeed.

Below’s the final trailer to the latest Planet of the Apes outing (released a while ago, yes I am late to the party):

 And this TV spot has one of my biggest work in the movie featured at the start of the video (Youtube compression and grading seems overblown here):

So far, the movie has been garnering very positive early reactions from the critics. I can’t wait to see it on the big screen in July!