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I am happy and proud to present to you the second official trailer of our latest work on The Lego Movie at Animal Logic, Sydney.

As a big fan of Phil Lord and Chris Miller’s previous animated feature hit Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs , I am secretly honored to have become part of their next animated feature project. I am hoping that this movie will really resonate with people of all ages, the kids and the young-at-heart.

I only had one Lego playset when I was much younger, these things are expensive! However, I also had another Lego kit with various, but sadly limited, bricks with which I had so much fun building all kinds of things for hours and hours on end. Then only a few years ago, someone commissioned me to create a tattoo design incorporating a Koi fish and Lego bricks together. I had to download the Lego Digital Designer software (its free, you can download and try it out) to research on the many forms and shapes of Lego bricks and studied many Lego creations on the internet to come up with the designs for my client. Little did I know that I have been preparing myself for this very project; ‘building’ massive environments with digital Lego bricks!

Please don’t let me keep you from checking out the embedded trailer below. Please enjoy! 🙂

Chris Godfrey, the VFX supervisor on The Great Gatsby has released a Before and After VFX reel by the primary VFX vendor, Animal Logic, where I am currently working at. It is always fun and informative to see the original plates the film were shot in and then to see them receive amazingly meticulous makeover from post production houses, instantly transporting us to the directors’ intended worlds. Without further ado, please check out the following link: The Great Gatsby Before And After VFX Reel

UPDATE: Chris Godfrey seemed to have finally allowed embedding for this video, so here it is, for your convenience!

The Great Gatsby VFX from Chris Godfrey on Vimeo.

There’s an article from FXGuide if you are still interested to know more about the process: Revisiting the roaring 20s: The Great Gatsby

This goes to show that Visual Effects are not merely used to bring giant robots and sci fi worlds to life as is currently the norm, but also to bring back an era long gone by. With some artistic liberties taken, of course.

Greetings folks, I am pleased to be able to share with you the teaser trailers and poster to my newest project with Animal Logic, “The Lego Movie”! This marks the 3rd toy brand-inspired movie I’ve worked on after Transformers and Battleship. Please enjoy!

International version:


The Lego Movie

Additional tidbits: The skyscraper models that I’ve built along with Yannick Tan and Dudley Birch, the fellow Matte Painters at Animal Logic, have been used for this teaser poster. What an honor!

Sorry for posting one too many Gatsby trailers of late, but the latest and greatest The Great Gatsby trailer has just been released! Congratulations to all the teams at Animal Logic, ILM, and other VFX houses that contributed to the show’s beautiful and highly stylized visuals. May 10th can’t come soon enough!

First update for year 2013!

Howdy folks,

Another year, another belated update! Looks like we manage to survive the whole end-of-the-world hysteria last year. I know some people who are, and still are, very disappointed that it didn’t happen at all!

I am writing now to officially mark the completion of my responsibilities on The Great Gatsby film project. Whew, this film has the honor of being the longest film project I’ve ever done in my VFX career. I am hoping that all the effort my team at Animal Logic has put into the show will help to shape it into a very good-looking film of the year.

What am I doing next? I’ll start on a new project (again with Animal Logic) next week. This will also be my first proper animated feature film (discounting my very minor contribution to the Star Wars: The Clone Wars film that should have stayed with the small screen where it belongs). I will reveal it when the time is right! A small hint: The film is based on a famous toy brand. No, it is neither Battleship nor Transformers! There, I’ve said enough.

So what’s new on my website? I have collated the Concept Art and Sketches Category in the Portfolio Section together (under Concept Art) for easier viewing and also because they both are closely associated with each other. I’ve added a new Plein Air painting gallery in the Traditional portfolio when I took up the new hobby last year. Please check them out!

Before I go, here’s the second trailer to the Great Gatsby that was released late last year:

Here’s to a great and successful 2013!

Finally, I am able to let you take a sneak peek at the project I’ve been working on at Animal Logic, Sydney. Without much ado, please take a look at the first trailer below!

Starting the new year in Sydney!

I have now moved to Sydney to start my new visual effects adventure with Animal Logic on The Great Gatsby.

Dear visitors, Belated Christmas and Happy New Year 2012 to you (or it is Happy End-of-the-World?)!

Last month, all ILM employees in Singapore finally received their complimentary hardcover book “Industrial Light & Magic: The Art of Innovation”. What a splendid Christmas gift!

The sweet icing on the cake is that I have a few works featured on the cover and among the inner contents! Please do check it out on Amazon.com or at a local bookstore near you.

Have a great and productive year ahead!

-Jerome Moo

Painting Dynamic Water Effects

For a non-Star Wars related news today, let me share with you a tutorial video on Painting Dynamic Water Effects that I came up with for ImagineFX magazine issue 43.

This is just a small clip of the entire painting session, showing an idea of how I will paint the water effects from scratch. The emphasis of the entire painting workshop was not placed on the characters and background, so they are kept simple.

Here is the finished work.

Star Tours 2.0

About 2 years ago, I worked on a few Digital Matte Paintings for Star Tours 2.0. Being a theme park ride (exclusive to Disneyland in California, I think) instead of the big screen, I thought I will never see my work again unless I make the trip there.

Thank goodness for Youtube, someone took a recording of the Star Tours 2.0 theme park (of which there are many) and I finally caught a glimpse of one of my matte paintings. You can see it at 1:27 in the embedded video below:

Now, it is a matter of time (and money) before I see the entire thing in person!