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Matte Painting

War for the Planet of the Apes
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Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2
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The Great Wall
The Great Wall, directed by Zhang Yimou and produced by Legendary Pictures, is my first Chinese Language feature film albeit one with Hollywood collaboration. It was a very different experience from your typical Hollywood production and that makes it quite challenging in its own way. In this project,  for the most part, I was responsible for recreating and expanding on the grounds in the fog battle sequences. There were quite a number of shots that I did not include in the gallery below because in the end, my work has been heavily covered with fog!


Warcraft: The Beginning
I came back to ILM Singapore and jumped in late into the middle of this movie’s production right after working on The Hobbit: The Battle of The Five Armies at Weta Digital. So it was Orcs VS Humans all over again for me at that time. I worked on this show for about 5 months as a Senior Generalist, covering 3D, Lighting, Rendering, Digital Matte Painting (2D and 2.5D) and Comp. In case anyone asks, I am not a big fan of World of Warcraft so I do not really get any of the Easter Eggs in the movie.


Star Wars: The Force Awakens – Duracell Commercial
It was a very interesting experience to work on this commercial compared to feature films mainly due to much shorter time constraints. But I am altogether very proud of what the whole team has manage to deliver in the end all the while maintaining top notch movie-like quality. My contribution is digital matte painting set extensions for most of the exterior scenes except for the sky.


The Hobbit: The Battle of The Five Armies
I have always loved the original Lord of the Rings trilogy, and missed my chance to work on the earlier The Hobbit films. However, thanks in very large part to my good friend, Daniel Bayona, I was able to join in at the last minute to help Weta Digital finish the last instalment of The Hobbit trilogy. Working in beautiful New Zealand is an experience I’ll never forget! 


The Lego Movie
I was really fortunate to work on this project that felt truly fresh amid the sea of other animated features. Even more so, this marks my very first proper animated feature film. I am quite a big fan of Phil Lord and Chris Miller’s work on “Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs”, so it was a privilege and an honour to be involved in their very first Lego outing. Work-wise, it was quite a different experience because we didn’t have much real-world references to draw on, except from all the fantastic creations made by Lego enthusiasts all over the world. To all the Master Builders out there, a big thank you for your inspirations!


The Great Gatsby
This is my very first movie with Animal Logic. The lavish visual language of Baz Luhrmann’s world is very different from the usual gritty realism of my previous work at Industrial Light & Magic, so that was refreshing change of style.


On Battleship, I have only one actual Digital Matte Painting shot. The bulk of my contribution to this movie is focused on Conceptual Design. Unfortunately, I don’t have the permission to show that side of my work here.


Transformers: The Ride & Star Tours 2.0
My works featured here are not for the actual rides themselves, but for the Superbowl commercial (Transformers) and the visual displays at the entrance of the main ride (Star Tours 2.0). I’ve also contributed a few preliminary designs of the main Transformers ride that have changed over the course of the project.


Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol
On Mission Impossible 4, I created fully digital environment shots with hundreds of cloud cards and projections to try to pull off the realistic aerial views. I also designed the intricate interiors of the missile, but you’ll only be able to see it for a fraction of a second!


Transformers: Dark of the Moon
& Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen
It was fun to create all manners of destructions to the locations! Other than that, I also did plate reconstructions, set extensions and pure CG/Matte Painting environments.


The Last Airbender
Even thought this movie turned out to be a box office failure, I actually had a lot of fun working on it. I have initially been heavily involved with the art department to set the overall art direction on the environments and visual effects most especially the water bending, before moving on to creating a few digital matte paintings. Unfortunately, I am unable to share with you the conceptual artworks that I’ve done for this film that I’m really happy with.


Star Trek
I am really fortunate to have worked on JJ Abrams’ reboot of Star Trek. This project was not only extremely fun to work on but it also turned out to be a commercial success! I contributed both Conceptual Designs and Matte Paintings to this movie.


Iron Man
This project is a milestone in my VFX career because that was when I officially began as a Digital Matte Painter. So for my first baby steps, I did mostly skies and clouds. At the same time, I was also a concept artist, so I did tons of visual effects preliminary concepts before moving on to Matte Painting assignments.