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Returning to the Studio That Started It All

Howdy folks. Oh look, it is December already. It felt like aeons ago after finishing up my contract on the last Hobbit film at Weta Digital in Wellington, New Zealand. I’ve only worked at Weta Digital for 3 months, but it does felt like as if I’ve been there for a year or so what with all the things I’ve seen and done there! I’ve finally fulfilled my wish to see the spectacularly scenic South Island, besides becoming part of the Middle Earth legacy, of course.

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies has been completed (the theatrical version, mind you), and unleashed on the public in some countries. The reviews are mostly favourable at this stage (79% on Rottentomatoes.com at the time of writing), so I hope you will enjoy the movie when it comes out soon, if not already.

Please let me share with you a clip from The Hobbit: The Battle of The Five Armies that contains a few of my Matte Painting works below:

By the way, if you have been wondering what I’ve been working on at Anima Point in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia before going to work in New Zealand. Please wonder no longer. Rovio has released the first season of Angry Birds Stella in an episodic format on their ToonsTV internet channel.  What a change of style indeed from what I usually do. It is interesting to try something new now and then to refresh the way you think and work. Please click on the poster below to visit the ToonsTV channel for your and your young ones’ watching pleasure!
AB Stella_poster_landscape

When all is said and done, what is next for me? If the title has not hinted at it yet for you, I’ve returned to Industrial Light & Magic in Singapore, the very studio that started it all for me, for a short term contract as a Senior Generalist.



As usual, please wish me all the best. Thank you very much!